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Gujarat Vidyapith - Ahmedabad

Gujarat Vidyapith was founded by Mahatma Gandhi on 18th October, 1920. Gujarat Vidyapith is a deemed university since 1963. Gujarat Vidyapith is funded by the UGC (University Grants Commission) for higher education programs. It was started as Rashtriya Vidyapith (National Institute of University Education) and was the wake of the Non-cooperative Movement. Mahatma Gandhi remained its life-long Kulpati (Chancellor). The Institute imparts higher education with an integrated system of education teaching from the Nursery to the Doctorate level. The main objective is to prepare workers of character, ability, culture and dedication for the conduct of movements connected with the regeneration of country in accordance with the ideals given by Mahatma Gandhi. The guiding principles on which the integrated system of education, from Nursery & Basic Schools to Higher Secondary and from Bachelors to Master, M. Phil. & Doctorate level degree in various disciplines, is evolved include

  • Adherence to truth and non-violence
  • Participation in productive work with a sense of dignity of labour
  • Acceptance of equality of religions
  • Priority for the need of villages dwellers in all curricula and
  • Use of mother-tongue as a medium of instructions.

Accordingly, the education system of Gujarat Vidyapith include regular participation in community work, residential life, social service, community prayers, simple and self reliant living, study tours and field studies, Hand spinning and training in Craft Work. The program of education has been linked with the national needs of rural uplift with a view to promote education conductive to the grass - root levels of the society. The chief concern of the Gujarat Vidyapith is to conduct experiments in various fields of education with a view to develop the application of Gandhian thought and way in all aspects of education.

History & Establishment

After returning from South Africa, Gandhiji moved all over India. He personally experienced the political, social, educational and economic deteriorated conditions after observing life of Indian people. Bapu made untiring efforts to find solution to all there problems. He made some initial experiments of education in Kochrab and Sabarmati Ashram during 1915-1920.

In August 1920, Gadhiji started non co-operation movement. Gandhiji asked everybody to boycott the Honours and Awards of British empire; schools and colleges imparting English education, Courts and Legislative Assemblies. One of the most important issues of this non co-operation movement was to boycott all schools and colleges under British Government’s control and to liberate the Indian youths from the shackles of British colonial rule. As against the British colonial education system, propounded by Lord Macaulay, that produced human resources for the oppressive British Empire. There was a great response to Gandhiji’s command to vacate the English teaching schools and colleges. Now, in order to see that the students who left their education half-way are not deprived of the education, it was decided to estalish National Vidyapith. Out of those five Vidyapiths established during that period, Gujarat Vidyapith was one, estalished by Gandhiji himself on October 18, 1920. Gandhi wanted his Vidyapith to prepare the youths for the task of national reconstruction and usher in 'Hind Swaraj', the India of his dream.

Gujarat Vidyapith was established as a national university without a government charter. Gandhiji was its life-long chancellor. Professor A T Gidwani was its founder vice-chancellor. After Gandhiji, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Dr. Rajendra Prasad and Morarji Desai adorned the post of chancellor of the Vidyapith.Later, many more institutions, colleges and schools were affiliated to the Vidyapith.

Krishi Vigyan Kendra

Gujarat vidyapith Randheja, Gandhinagar

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